On the Loyalty Islands

From Ouvéa to Tiga, Maré and Lifou, the four islands lying just off the East coast of Grande Terre are gems for you to discover.

In the South Province

The West coast: north of Nouméa
The West coast of Grande Terre offers an immense variety of scenery, from its far north to the outskirts of Nouméa.

In the North Province

With a population largely of Melanesian origin, the North province retains its authenticity.

Transport : to get to the hotel


From La Tontouta Airport(NOU) - distance: 48,9 km - 30,4 miles (46 min )

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On the Isle of Pines

The island, known as Kunié by its Melanesian inhabitants, is also one of two (along with the island of Ouvéa) to lay claim to the title of “island closest to paradise”.