During summer, you can practice aqua gym with Patrice in the magnificent setting of the Stanley hotel swimming pool.
Two sessions a day from Monday to Friday.
This activity is FREE for the hotel guests.


The benefits of aqua gym

This activity is very gentle on the body and particularly on the joints. Aqua gym exercises all parts of the body, it’s a complete sport. What’s more, the abdominal muscles work non-stop during the session. The water drains our thighs since it massages them constantly during the movements, our body tissues are oxygenated and our blood circulation activated during the exercise.



Who is this activity recommended for?

It is recommended for everybody who loves water: men, women, adolescents… It is particularly recommended for people suffering from joint problems (following surgery or for people carrying overweight or suffering from osteoarthritis) since, in the water, we seem to be weightless. As aqua gym is not a strenuous activity, it is also recommended for pregnant women or for people taking up sport after a break…